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Integrated DAC/amps

Simplified Guide to Small Portable DAC/amps (Jürgen Kraus)

Apogee Groove* (Alberto Pittaluga)

Apogee Groove: Technical Considerations (Jürgen Kraus)

Apogee Groove Anniversary Edition (Alberto Pittaluga)

Apple Audio Adapter* (Jürgen Kraus)

Astell & Kern PEE51 (Jürgen Kraus)

Audirect Atom 2 (Loomis Johnson)

AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt* (Jürgen Kraus)

AudioQuest DragonFly Red (Jürgen Kraus)

Conexant (CX-Pro) CX31993 (Loomis Johnson)

Cozoy Takt-C I (Jürgen Kraus)

Cozoy Takt-C II (Durwood)

EarMen Eagle (Jürgen Kraus)

EarMen Sparrow* (Jürgen Kraus)

EarMen Sparrow* (Biodegraded)

EarMen TR-amp* (Jürgen Kraus)

Earstudio HUD100 (Jürgen Kraus)

Helm Audio Bolt (Jürgen Kraus)

Helm Bolt and Shanling UA1 compared (Biodegraded)

Hidizs S3 Pro (Loomis Johnson)

Hidisz S-9, Cozoy Takt-C and Meizu MasterHifi USB Dac/Amps (Loomis Johnson)

Hidizs S9 PRO (Jürgen Kraus)

Hilidac Audirect Atom Pro (Jürgen Kraus)

Hilidac Audirect Beam 2SE (Kazi Muhbab Mutakabbir)

iBasso DC-05 DAC/amp (Loomis Johnson)

ifi Audio GO blu (Alberto Pittaluga)

ifi Audio hip-dac* (Jürgen Kraus)

ifi Audio hip-dac2 (1) (Kazi Muhbab Mutakabbir)

ifi Audio hip-dac2 (2) (Alberto Pittaluga)

iFi Audio Micro iDSD Signature* (Alberto Pittaluga)

ifi Audio nano iDSD Black Label (Alberto Pittaluga)

ifi Audio Neo iDSD (Kazi Muhbab Mutakabbir)

IKKO ITM1 Zerda (1) (Baskingshark)

IKKO ITM1 Zerda (2) (Alberto Pittaluga)

Khadas Tone2 Pro (Jürgen Kraus)

Questyle CMA Twelve (Durwood)

Shanling UA1 (Jürgen Kraus)

Shanling UA1 and Helm Bolt compared (Biodegraded)

Shanling UA2 (Jürgen Kraus)

Tempotec Sonata BHD (Jürgen Kraus)

Tempotec Sonata HD Pro (1) (Jürgen Kraus)

Tempotec Sonata HD Pro (2) (Baskingshark)

Tempotec Sonata HD II vs Tempotec Sonata E35 (Durwood)

TRI TK-2 (KopiOkaya)

Venture Electronics Odyssey HD (Jürgen Kraus)

Xumee USB-C DAC (Loomis Johnson)

Questyle M15 (Jürgen Kraus)

Digital Analog Converters (DACs)

EarMen Tradutto (Jürgen Kraus)

SMSL SU-9 DAC/Preamp I (Loomis Johnson)

SMSL SU-9 DAC/Preamp II (Durwood)

Headphone Amplifiers

Burson Funk (Jürgen Kraus)

Burson V6 Classic (vs. V6 Vivid) opamps (Jürgen Kraus)

Cayin C9 Portable Amplifier (Kazi Muhbab Mutakabbir)

Helm DB12 AAAMP Portable Headphone Amp (Jürgen Kraus)

ifi Audio Zen Can Amplifier (Kazi Muhbab Mutakabbir)

ifi Audio Zen Can Amplifier (Alberto Pittaluga)

ifi Audio Zen Phono RIAA Preamplifier (Biodegraded) 

Pairing the JVC HA-FDX1 earphone with the Earstudio HUD100, ifi Hip Dac, and Tempotec Sonata HD PRO

SMSL SH-9 Balanced Headphone Amp (1) (Loomis Johnson)

SMSL SH-9 Balanced Headphone Amp (2) (Durwood)

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