Clean Power and USB Decrappifiers

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Allo Nirvana and Allo Shanti 5V Power Supplies (Jürgen Kraus)

AudioQuest JitterBug FMJ (Jürgen Kraus)

ifi IEMatch (Alberto Pittaluga)

ifi Audio iPower and iPower X Low Noise Power Supplies (Jürgen Kraus)

ifi Audio iSilencer+ and AudioQuest FMJ Review & Comparison (KopiOkaya)

ifi Audio Nano iUSB3.0 USB Power Supply & Signal Conditioner (Alberto Pittaluga)

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    Head-Fier since 2016. He has been known as “Otto Motor” to Head-Fiers, as “Dr. Schweinsgruber” to users and Youtubers, and as “Brause” to Super Best Audio Friends and the Headphone Community. - For the purpose of confusion, he decided to pose under his real name Jürgen Kraus (“JK”) from now on. - This is a hobby. In “real” life, Jürgen is a professional geologist operating his own petroleum-exploration consulting company Franconia Geoscience Ltd. (see ad in the footer) based in Calgary, Canada. He holds German and Canadian passports. Jürgen had a classical music education from childhood through high school in Germany and he has been following popular music developments since the late 1970s. His understanding of arts and crafts was influenced by Bauhaus pragmatism: “less is more” and “form follows function”.