Audiotools (bookmark this page for further reference)


Introduction to Drivers

Introduction to carbon-based drivers

How balanced armature drivers work

How a dynamic driver works


How to describe Sound

Audio spectrum explained

Understanding audio frequency

Recording studio glossary

Stereophile audio glossary

Headphonesty audio glossary

Describing sound (Head-Fi)

Sound signatures explained

Audio terminology (SBAF)

(JK’s) iem test tracks explained

Audiophile acronyms


Pairing Source with Headphones/Earphones

Impedance demystified by Headphonesty

Headphone & amp impedance

Headphone impedance explained

Innerfidelity on output impedance

Innerfidelity case study on output impedance

Headphone impedance and sensitivity explained

Understanding amplifier power

Balanced and unbalanced connections


Tools for Testing/Measuring Audio Equipment

Frequency response vs amplifier output impedance calculator for REW software

Audio Check

Online tone generator 1

Online tone generator 2

Visual sine sweep 20 – 20,000 Hz

Interactive frequency chart

Speaker/earpiece test (left, right, polarity)

Calibrating and using a DIY rig for measuring frequency responses

How to Measure IEM’s Frequency Response (Headphonesty)

Online Convert for Headphone Sensitivity

How to test and assess the sound quality of headphones [ultimate guide]


Understanding Frequency Measurements

Headphone measurements explained (innerfidelity)

Crinacle’s graph 101: how to read measurements

How to interpret graphs (DIY Audio Heaven)

Online WebPlotDigitizer


Crinacle’s graph comparison tool


Digital Streaming

Whathifi explains Master Quality Authenticated (MQA)

Wikipedia: MQA

Whathifi explains Direct Stream Digital (DSD)

Cambridge Audio explains DSD

Wikipedia: DSD



Tweaking tips – a simplified guide to iem silicone eartips

The ultimate guide to selecting the perfect IEM ear tips
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