Modding Limitations

What Cannot Be Done — The Problematic Upper Midrange

by Jürgen Kraus

3 kHz peaks may introduce unpleasant hardness and fatigue, but they effectively cannot be safely removed with a reversible mod. Some drivers may respond to micropore tape on the nozzle: it is therefore worth a try to either cover the nozzle grille with 80-90% of micropore tape or remove the screen with a needle, tape completely over with micropore tape and poke a hole near the edge…as described in the treble section.

modding limitations

Tip: Sometimes it is the metal filter that causes the harshness and removing it solves the problem. If that does not help, stuff some dampening material such as foam or cotton balls down the nozzle or try the micropore mod described above.

The Blitzwolf mod fitting the above diagram is described here. It is not reversible — don’t try it at home.
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