Published Examples

Successful Mods of Single Dynamic-Driver Earphones Performed and Described by James444

Alpex HSE-A2000 —  balancing reduction of bass and treble

JVC FD01 with DIY filters — dampening with swabs

JVC HA-FX850 — with great explanations of the physics

Pioneer CH3 — treble reduction only

Note: The principles of these mods are universal.

Many purists think, single DDs sound better than multis. James444 writes:

“…To borrow a metaphor from photography: BA timbre reminds me of a slightly over-sharpened picture. Impressive, contrasty and eye-popping, but not necessarily all that realistic…”

He continues (while stating his remarks being subjective):

“…: for instance, that I intuitively and predominantly would pick DDs for classical, whenever I had several different IEMs at hand. And that upon switching from DDs to BAs, I would always need some time to adjust to BA timbre. Whereas the adjustment would happen almost instantly, when switching the other way round from BAs to DDs…”

I wish “Happy Modding”!
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