Welcome to audioreviews.org. Please take a seat in the lounge and relax. This site serves the purpose of informing the public about portable audio equipment including tech reviews, measurements, sound science, and modding. It is operated by Jürgen Kraus (“JK”) out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with five more authors based in Canada, the US, Germany, and Italy.



  • Goal of audioreviews.org: to give the reader an unbiased, competent, concise, thorough, and accurate account of the technical, sonic, and practical capabilities of any analyzed product. We inform and educate.
  • Broad competence: we review a wide variety of products in all price categories.
  • Non-profit: we work pro bono and do not accept any compensation for our reviews! We try to stay at arm’s length with our cooperators and we expect mutual fairness and respect.
  • Diversity: we 6 reviewers have widely different styles, which give the reader choices. That’s why we frequently feature several reviews of one product (Head-Fi does that, too).
  • Dedication to quality: our contributors produce a large output …but our focus remains on quality.
  • We has secured a single site sponsor since April 2022. Goal is to offset our operating cost (since we don’t receive any donations through our PayPal account). All earnings are re-invested into the blog. The ads are not intrusive and do not interrupt your reading flow. We therefore continue to be non commercial/non profit and not to seek sponsorships in return for favourable reviews. Generating income is not the object of this blog.
Find all our reviews (several hundred of them) filed for your easy access.


  • We try limiting our turnaround time to 30-40 days.
  • The editor (JK) does not influence the writers or the content of their reviews.
  • Expect fairness but no sugar-coating in reviews: an item “is what it is” in the eye of the reviewer. It is understood that we are “honest”.
  • We are not perfect but always learning. Mistakes can therefore not be excluded.


  • Industry standard: we try to strictly adhere to the industry standard and not to accept expensive review items without an addressed envelope, postage paid [“try” means there are exceptions as some companies have restocking issues or are located in countries to which returns are difficult]. You will get your equipment back after the review in a reasonable time if you so wish. You also carry customs fees and import taxes. Nevertheless, we are not hoarding and try to give stuff to charities or pass them around between us for multiple reviews.
  • Avoiding conflict of interest I: we do not participate in affiliate programs for our personal benefit as it constitutes an incentive for favourable reviews – and makes us sales people on a commission.  We may participate in affiliate programs for items we have not reviewed and bought ourselves (this has not happened so far). As of 2021-03-12 we are participating in Apos Audio’s affiliate program, and since 2021-05-11 in Helm Audio’s, for the sole purpose of supporting Chicago musicians. 100% of the money raised goes to CIVL.
  • Avoiding conflict of interest II: we don’t feature paid advertisements of cooperating companies and reviewed products.
  • Privacy: we honour your privacy and don’t pass your contact information on to third parties. We don’t use cookies and don’t set company trackers.

Shipping to Canada

  • Canada only allows tax-free imports of up to $20 CAD (which is less than $15 USD).
  • REGULAR MAIL is the best way to ship to Canada.
  • CAREFUL WITH COURIERS: when shipping items declared above $20 CAD by you, unreasonably high brokerage fees of >$20 are added to the Canadian import charges by DHL/UPS/FEDEX.
  • Therefore, when shipping DHL/UPS/FEDEX, please pay all import charges and brokerage fees up front…it is a business expense for you.
  • Regular postal service is therefore preferred. Canada Post does not charge (substantial) brokerage fees. A package from Asia takes 10-14 days.

Edited 2022-04-18

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  • Disclaimer 1

    Head-Fier since 2016. He has been known as “Otto Motor” to Head-Fiers, as “Dr. Schweinsgruber” to audiobudget.com users and Youtubers, and as “Brause” to Super Best Audio Friends and the Headphone Community. - For the purpose of confusion, he decided to pose under his real name Jürgen Kraus (“JK”) from now on. - This is a hobby. In “real” life, Jürgen is a professional geologist operating his own petroleum-exploration consulting company Franconia Geoscience Ltd. (see ad in the footer) based in Calgary, Canada. He holds German and Canadian passports. Jürgen had a classical music education from childhood through high school in Germany and he has been following popular music developments since the late 1970s. His understanding of arts and crafts was influenced by Bauhaus pragmatism: “less is more” and “form follows function”.